Since 2012, I have been teaching and directing up to three shows a year with K-12 students. My family created a student theatre company in an elementary and middle school in Kirkland where they are still creating wonderful stage productions to this day. In the summer of 2022 we moved to Tacoma and now hope to bring this program to Lowell Elementary.

Our goal is to create a fun atmosphere of acting, singing, and dancing while secretly pushing your latent thespians beyond their own perceived limits. Mistakes will be made since we will all extend beyond our comfort zone, but we also know this is the best way to learn and allow the students to make the production their own.

The time between auditions and opening night evaporates in just seven weeks. Parents are involved throughout by working behind the scenes on a committee and chaperoning rehearsals. We provide instructions and guidance so no previous experience is necessary, but the support of the PTA, school, and student family members is critical to the success of every production.

I first started directing K-12 students at Lowell Elementary / Junior High in Oregon when I was a freshman in high school. In a way, this almost feels like I am finally coming home.

If you or a younger version of you has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Johnmichael P. Monteith 

Performing Arts Educator & Director