For Parents

Parent Responsibilities

"Being in the play is so much more than acting. It gives the kids a family within their school, and the bonds they make last forever. It's an experience they'll cherish their whole lives."

“Johnmichael Monteith has enormous patience and great understanding of this age group of kids. Truly talented in bringing out the strengths of each child.”

"This was such a positive experience for our middle schooler and he can't wait to participate in the spring! Love the opportunities, too, for parents to be involved."

"Just do it. It is indeed a commitment but it goes by quickly and the kids learn to balance their schedules. The take away is worth all the sacrifice for any size role your child plays."

"The director ensures everyone feels included and gets a part fit for them!"

"Be ready to work. Be ready to play. It is a commitment, one of the best ones you and your child will make!"

"Great opportunity to make new friends."

"A great way for you and your child to grow in confidence, make friends, and have fun. I think it teaches kids the value of hard work and the pride they can feel when they accomplish something, not to worry about what others think so much and getting out there and doing your best and just having lots of fun working with friends who support you."

"I've seen an incredible increase in confidence in my daughter as a result of participating in this show. She's not afraid to speak (or sing!) in front of an audience, she's a better musician and dancer, she's made great friends, and she had so much fun she can't wait to do another show. Thank you so much for offering this amazing experience for our kids."

"So enriching. A terrific experience for our son."

"The Director has an amazing way of casting each child in his / her perfect role that showcases out their strengths and talents. The shows are great for families and the experience your child will get is second to none!"

“Johnmichael really knows how to connect and bring out the best in his actors! He’s been truly wonderful and the kids really enjoyed working with him!”

“Fantastic atmosphere for all children to bring out their talents. Funny and enjoyable productions suitable for all families.”