Spotlight Leopards is a student theatre company belonging to all students involved in Lowell Elementary performing arts. Productions are financially supported by participant families and Lowell Elementary PTA.

Students are placed in a welcoming environment where they will gain confidence, communication skills and learn about the process of creating a theatre production. We do our best to educate, learn, direct, encourage and lead all of us to good choices. Our focus is on the journey of creating an elementary-level professional production and pushing students to not be fearful of something new while having the time of their lives exploring their own potential.

Spotlight Leopards performs on the ancestral territory of the spuyaləpabš, translated from the Lushootseed language to mean “people from the bend at the bottom of the river” and referred to today as the Puyallup Tribe. We are grateful to play this small part in their community. We encourage you to learn more about their continued contributions to this region and stewardship of the land at the website